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BT to supply much faster Broadband by 2012

Published: 25/01/2011 by Comments

According to analysts at Point Topic, the telecom analysis company, BT will be able to supply Internet users with much faster broadband connections by the end of the coming year. The forecast points toward increased minimum speeds of 25 Mbps, using either of BT’s 110 Mbps FTTP (fibre-to-the-premises) and 40 Mbps FTTC (fibre-to-the-cabinet) technologies.

In addition, analysts at Point Topic predict that the broadband provider Virgin Media will experience an impressive showing in sales in the next year with respect to its 50 Mbps XXL fibre optic broadband service. Forecasts indicate that Virgin Media will have 200,000 new subscribers by year’s end. The company is showcasing its service with a variety of promotions, including individual broadband service that comes with free installation and activation. The service will cost consumers 35 GBF per month with a discount of 5 GBF for the first three months of service.

However, most users may find it more cost-effective to choose a triple bundle deal. For example, consumers can purchase broadband service, unlimited weekend calling and 65 cable channels for 31.50 GBP per month, all which includes free installation and activation as well.

According to chief analyst for Point Topic, Tim Johnson, BT needs “. . . to show both the demand is there and that they have the technology to supply it.”

With the upsurge in faster broadband, it’s therefore expected that 2011 will see 600,000 homes using faster Internet in the UK versus the 45,000 homes that currently have this capability. Overall, BT’s Infinity service will cover some half million homes while another 200,000 homes are slated for the 50 Mbps XXL service offered by Virgin Media.

It certainly will be a good year for both BT and Internet users in Great Britain if plans go as expected, especially after one report by Ofcom indicated that Great Britain was rated as having Internet connections that were some of the slowest in Europe.

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