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BT turns to hiring ex-military for installing fibre broadband

Published: 07/05/2011 by Comments

BT Openreach decided to hire ex-military people in order to install the broadband fibre lines. This month marked the start of their new strategy which proves to be effective as the training goes smoothly. The entire engineering work force consists of about 3,000 people. It will be enriched with new ‘recruits’ who don’t get to feel timid when faced with demanding work.

The CEO of Openreach, Olivia Garfield, made a statement in which strongly approved the ex-army men and women’s skills and their capacity to do consistent and qualitative work. She said: “They are highly skilled, motivated and disciplined and have experience of complex engineering tasks in challenging environments.”

Lt. Cdr. Mark Walker who represents MoD’s training, Education, Skills and Resettlement staff supports the idea of having ex-military personnel ‘enrolled’ in this kind of work. He believes that the employees will do the job perfectly and without fault. “Its promise of rewarding employment and career opportunities for many former armed forces personnel,” the Lt. later added.

The newly hired ex-military personnel will benefit from great options such as travel warrants or allowances. Many will go for resettlement leaves or grants, but the usual benefits come from training and guidance support. Ms Garfield also added: “It’s fantastic that we’ve been able to recruit so many ex-armed services personnel. These people have served their country well and so deserve the chance of full-time employment with a generous reward package.”

BT’s Openreach network will deliver broadband connections which will ensure speeds that will reach 40Mbps to almost 65% of the United Kingdom by the year 2015.

Of the 202 interviews for BT’s offered positions, 181 people got the jobs. That makes the success rate close to 90% - a clear sign that military people have what it takes when it comes to seriousness and commitment.

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