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BT urged to install business broadband quicker

Published: 28/03/2016 by Comments

BT urged to install business broadband quicker

BT has been told to speed-up it’s process of rolling out it’s business broadband service and reduce the amount it charges its rivals to use its fixed-line network.

Released on Tuesday 22nd March in a statement, Ofcom said by the end of March 2017 the FTSE 100 group must be able to install high-speed lines to business customers within 46 days, this should then be reduced to just 40 days in 2018.

Previously BT successfully completed the installation process within 40 days but it now takes the company an extra eight days to install super-fast broadband.

The prompt in getting the communications giant to act faster came about due to Ofcom’s regulatory investigation into the corporate telecom business, a market which is thought to be worth approximately £2bn (€2.55bn, $2.86bn).

“BT is relied upon by many companies to install these lines, and its performance has not been acceptable,” said Ofcom director Jonathan Oxley.

These new rules will mean companies across the UK benefit from faster installation times, greater certainty about installation dates, and fast repairs if things go wrong.

Oxley then said that “Ofcom had put Britain’s reliance on high-speed internet connections in context during its investigation. All of us depend on high-speed, fibre optic lines. Businesses use them to communicate, and they also underpin the broadband and mobile services used by consumers at home and on the move.”

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