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Burglars think £600,000 homes are too posh to target

Published: 02/04/2011 by Comments

A study has shown that burglars now seek to plunder only suburban homes; the expensive homes in London are becoming “too posh to pinch from”. They think that properties that have a value which exceeds the £600,000 mark pose too much of a risk, so they decide to let those properties go and seek another method of selection. This method is simply and yet effective. Burglars first verify the cars parked in front of the houses and then make the call of whether to act or not. If the cars are too expensive, the risk is also too high.

Halifax Insurance hired criminologists with the purpose of interviewing burglary suspects that were awaiting trial. When asked why they were so “picky”, the suspects pointed to the latest security alarms installed on such properties.

The same burglars who were interviewed by the criminologists revealed that they felt compelled not to break into houses that had a Jaguar, a Land Rover or a Porsche parked right in their drive. These cars are for them a clear indicator of that owner’s high security measures and a greater possibility for them to get caught. A Vauxhall Vectra or a Ford Mondeo is on the contrary, a “jackpot” when stumbled across. Houses that have these brands look safer, easy, and worthwhile to rob. Burglars usually go for the cash and jewels, objects that are easy to apprehend in a raid. Some do steal alcohol or cigarettes but many go for mobile phones or other portable media. A representative from Halifax Home Insurance said: “Desirable items should be kept out of sight and preferably in safe locations.”

A burglar revealed that: “There’s no point in going for rich houses because they’ve only got the same stuff as ordinary houses but it’s harder to find because there’s more rooms plus they’ve got better security. You want a neighborhood that is nice but not too nice - ideally a middle-class semi,” while another said: “All those Porsche and Range Rover people will have banging alarms on their cars and their houses. It’s not worth the risk.”

It appears that being a Ford, Vauxhall or other reasonably priced car owner represents a more dangerous title than before.

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