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Call centres put credit card details at risk

Published: 18/10/2009 by Comments

Call centres are putting credit card customers at risk by ignoring data protection legislation, it was revealed today at the start of National Fraud Prevention week. Veritape, the audio recording specialists, discovered that 97% of call centre workers are guilty of flouting security rules in a poll of UK call centres.

During these calls, customers reveal sensitive financial information which could be used for identity theft or fraud, such as security passwords, pin numbers, security codes and security questions. The investigation by Veritape, found that only 3% of the 133 call centres surveyed actually complied to global data protection standards, with recordings of sensitive calls being stored on computer servers after they’ve taken place - a worrying breach of global industry standards. A shocking 39% of workers claimed they didn’t know they should delete recordings of sensitive information once the transaction was complete, while 11% admitted they did know, but ignored it anyway.

The findings also revealed that 19 out of 20 of the calls that are stored are left undoctored - so no effort is made to distort pin numbers or security codes in order to protect the customer.This is hugely concerning as it leaves the information in a very vulnerable position - open to hackers and internet fraudsters.

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