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Car Insurance Advice Whilst on Holiday

Published: 13/05/2009 by Comments

With more and more Brits heading off on their summer holidays each week, UK drivers have been warned to check their motor insurance policies before using their vehicles abroad. New research has revealed that 49% have no idea what they are covered for when driving in Europe.

Worryingly, 30% of drivers surveyed believed that their current insurance provider would offer the same protection when they were driving abroad. Although a number of big insurance companies do extend the UK coverage offered so that it’s valid abroad, motorists need to research the finer details before heading off on a driving holiday this summer.

Head of motor insurance at moneysupermarket, Steve Sweeney, explained that it’s ‘a mistake to assume your existing cover is still valid abroad’, as there are motor insurance provides who will cut the level of cover offered in the UK when you’re driving in Europe.

“Motorists need to be aware that a provider could automatically downgrade a fully comprehensive policy as soon as the wheels hit continental soil.” He said. “It’s worth bearing in mind that a dream holiday could easily turn into a nightmare if you’re involved in any kind of accident while away from home - the cost of repairs alone could mean that your car might become a luxury you can no longer afford. With recent research showing that most Brits can’t actually afford to break down in the UK, it’s well worth calling up your insurance provider to check the level of coverage you currently have.

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