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Car insurance and car tax on the increase

Published: 18/11/2009 by Comments

Sainsbury’s Finance has released new figures which show that car insurance costs have increased by nearly 13% this year. With average driver spending up to £1,300 each year, UK motorists will now have to pay even more when it comes to covering the cost of running a car - something that many people just can’t do without.

Car insurance can’t be scrimped on, despite these cost-cutting times, as driving uninsured is not only illegal, but it can fuel big repair bills in the long term. As the recession bites, there has also been an increase in theft from vehicles, especially those that house pricey gadgets such as SatNav, so it’s important to keep up-to-date on policy payments.

Unfortunately for drivers, insurance is only the start of the price increases - car tax is also sky rocketing too, rising by a hefty 8% in comparison to last year. It’s recommended that motorists shop around when looking for car insurance, as there are good deals out there than can save money - some even come with additional savings and incentives on top. Using a comparison site is a great way to do this, making it even easier to get a great package suited to your personal needs while ensuring you don’t miss out on other deals at the same time.

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