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Car insurance claims rise with rear-end accidents

Published: 13/07/2009 by Comments

A new survey by Admiral has revealed that there are in excess of 420,000 rear-end smashes on UK roads every year. The insurance company estimates that rear-end bumps cost the industry over £500 million per year - a figure that includes personal injury claims and car repair costs.

Rear-end crashes amount to one in four of all road accidents in the UK, with one in ten resulting in whiplash for drivers - an injury that costs insurers £1.9billion per year.

Despite these latest figures, the total number of accidents on UK roads has actually fallen. However, insurance companies believe these kind of prangs are all too common, and frequently occur when drivers are not paying attention.

“I think this is indicative of how many of us drive” Sue Longthorn, Managing Director of Admiral, explains. “Many drivers don’t leave enough space between themselves and the car in front, so that if it breaks, they hit them in the rear. In built-up areas where the traffic is slow moving, people ten to get frustrated and drive too aggressively. When they do this, there is more of a chance that they will bump the car in front.”

Insurance companies are urging drivers to be aware at all times, and make sure they are covered before taking to the roads - an important warning as many motorists are looking to cut corners and save pennies during the credit crunch.

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