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Car Insurance firm advise motorists this Winter

Published: 07/01/2010 by Comments

As the big freeze grips the country, de-icing the car in the morning can become quite a chore which is why so many drivers leave their vehicle unattended and running while they nip back into the warm. The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has tapped into this and released new guidelines for motorists who are concerned about the safety of their cars.

One of the biggest problems during this time of year is opportunist thieves who spot unattended vehicles and take a chance. In order to avoid the loss of vehicles and belongings, the ABI has recommended that driver’s stay inside their cars while it warms up and the windows clear.

The latest information comes hot on the heels of the shocking revelation that 27 cars had been stolen in just two hours as drivers left their vehicles unattended in this manner. The sudden crimewave took place in Lancashire, but it’s a countrywide problem.

Nick Starling, Director of General Insurance, explained that while the cold weather may put motorists off when it comes to hanging around outside, it certainly doesn’t bother would-be thieves!

“It only takes seconds for thieves to strike. Stay with your vehicle while it warms up, so that it’s you that drives away in a warm car, not a thief” he said.

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