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Car insurance for driverless cars will require two-in-one policies

Published: 09/02/2017 by Comments

The latest mode of transport, driverless cars will costs motorists double the insurance! The Government has announced that owners of driverless cars will have to take responsibility if the car loses control, meaning that they will have to pay insurance for themselves as well as the nonexistent driver!

The new two in one policy will cover the motorist when they are driving as well as the car when it is driving itself.

Self driven vehicles will allow drivers to turn the car onto driverless mode and give the vehicle full responsibility and control.

If the car has an accident while in driverless mode, the insurance companies will make the payment and then bill the party responsible for the accident which may well be the manufacturer.

The Government claims that they are introducing dual insurance to ensure that there is no confusion when an accident happens.

It will provide victims of a crash easy and quick access to compensation as opposed to them having to fight insurance companies regarding who to make a claim against.
The Association of British Insurers claims that vehicle insurance may become more expensive as a result of the confusion with driverless cars.

Once the new technology has been officially established it should help to improve road safety, which will eventually drive down the price of insurance.

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling stated: “Automated vehicles will not only enhance the safety of our roads, it will also give more independence to the physically infirmed who are forced to rely on friends and family for their transportation needs.”

He went on to say: “Despite the potential benefits, we must ensure that members of the public are protected when the inevitable happens and an accident occurs, and this will take place in the form of dual insurance.”

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