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Car Insurance Premiums cause drivers to switch to fuel-efficent cars

Published: 26/02/2011 by Comments

Recent survey results indicate that drivers in the UK are actively considering trading their vehicles for a more fuel-efficient car.

The survey, conducted by, reported that nearly half of all surveyed might consider trading their vehicle for a more fuel economic vehicle. The considerations are a result of rising costs in diesel, gas and car insurance premiums.

Public transportation is also on the minds of a small percentage of UK residents, with both car insurance premiums and fuel at an all time high. The expenses of owning and driving a car continue to spiral out of control wreaking havoc on family budgets.

About 10 percent of participating in the survey reported that the car insurance premium had a direct correlation to the type of car they would purchase. Fifty percent of those surveyed said their next vehicle purchase will be a car that is fuel-efficient. In addition, at least ten percent believe that fuel efficiency plays an integral role with insurance premiums.

Harrison, a spokesperson for, urged consumers to shop around for the best deals. He said, “with prices on the up it is more important than ever drivers ensure they are shopping around for the best deals on insurance, those who do will reap rewards and make their hard earned cash go further.”

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