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Car Insurance Premiums on the increase

Published: 02/08/2009 by Comments

There’s more bad news for UK motorists, as new research has revealed that car insurance premiums are climbing at the fastest rate for nearly ten years, going up by 11% in the last year alone.

The latest stats show a 3.5% rise in the cost of an average annual comprehensive car insurance policy (between April & June 2009) - hitting a staggering £778.13. Younger drivers are suffering the most - third party, fire and theft rose by 4.6% to £968.22 - research has shown these are most likely to be bought by inexperienced drivers.

If you’re a young driver looking to save pennies, experts are advising more inexperienced motorists to look into a Pass Plus course, an additional qualification that can be achieved after passing your driving text, as it can cut down on premium costs.

The steep increase doesn’t look set to slow down any time soon, with experts predicting a continued climb. It seems that bad driving is costing the rest of us dearly. Personal injury claims have shot up, while as the credit crunch hits home, fraudulent claims have seen an increase too as drivers opt for desperate measures to make some cash.

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