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Car Theft Hotspots Revealed

Published: 14/10/2009 by Comments

Motorists in Chislehurst, Bromley in Kent and Wingate, Cleveland, need to be on their guard when it comes to car theft, according to new figures released by The data, which was collected through a survey of 3.8 million car insurance quotes, highlighted these areas as car theft hotspots, with Chislehurst the worst affected. Drivers there are three times more likely to make a theft claim than the UK average figure.

The research identified 20 of the worst hit areas which listed a number of big cities, including Sheffield, Manchester and Bradford. Unfortunately, this also means that motorists living or working in these areas will also face higher insurance premiums when it comes to insuring their vehicles.

Steve Sweeney, Head of Motor Insurance at, explained that motorists in other areas should also be vigilant and sensible. ” The research reveals a broad mix of places across the country are at risk, highlighting the issue that no matter where you live, there is always a chance you could become a victim of theft, and motorists should take this risk seriously.”

The rise in popularity of in-car gadgets, such as satnav, MP3 players and expensive stereo and speaker systems puts cars at a higher risk of being broken into. Experts are advising motorists to hide all valuables from view and, if possible, take them inside with you at the end of the day.

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