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Comprehensive car insurance cover has increased by 11.7%

Published: 28/01/2017 by Comments

Comprehensive car insurance cover has increased by 11.7%

Insurance premiums are on the rise as a result of the current compensation culture.

According to AA, comprehensive insurance cover has increased by 11.7% which amounts to an average of £633. This is the highest it has been in four years.

Reports also show that there has been a £35 increase in the last three months of last year alone and that premiums are now five times higher than train fares.

Third party, theft and fire coverage has also risen at an annual rate of almost 20%.

Michael Lloyd, the AA’s director of insurance said: “More and more people are driving uninsured because the cost of insuring a car is so high; costs are increasing because of fraud, insurance premium tax and false whiplash claims.”

The Motor Insurers Bureau has stated that in 2016, there were over one million uninsured drivers on the road even though police have had the power to seize vehicles if drivers are caught without insurance since 2005.

The Government is also under pressure to reduce the cost of premiums through cracking down on the high numbers of false injury claims.

False injury claims and uninsured drivers are adding approximately £75 to comprehensive bills every year.

There are rumours that payments for minor whiplash injuries are either going to be capped or eradicated completely.

However, the Association of British Insurers have stated that the government is also to blame due to them increasing IPT prices, which is about to increase to 12% in June.

A Government spokesman has stated: “We have completed our consultation regarding whiplash and some decisions have been made. Changes in legislation will lead to drivers saving an average of £40 per policy.”

He went on to state: “Our aim is to make our roads safer and reduce the costs paid by honest drivers.

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