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Confusion over why Apple pulls Finder for AirPods app

Published: 11/01/2017 by Comments

Confusion over why Apple pulls Finder for AirPods app

Apple made a surprise decision to pull the AirPods app from the App Store on Monday. This latest undertaking has confused consumers. The App was a great success and allows users to locate misplaced wireless devices.

A member of the app’s development team known only as “Deucks” leaked part of an email discussion regarding the issue. It stated that the Apple didn’t like the idea of people having the ability to find their lost devices.

The exact reason as to why the app has been removed is still unclear as it doesn’t seem that there were any technical problems with it. It had great reviews and no complaints. The app operates through a Bluetooth connection to your AirPod and your Apple device and it will help you to pinpoint the exact location of your missing gadget.

The App only costs $4; however, if you lose your AirPod and you don’t have the app you will have to purchase a brand new device for $159.

We don’t know how legitimate Apples statement is concerning why they have pulled the app but it doesn’t sound like a satisfactory reason. It was approved by Apple to begin with, for it to be recalled without a good explanation is not fair on customers. There have not been any reported issues to warrant them discontinuing the product. However, we have faith in Apple and believe that they do have a genuine excuse, and that it will be released in due time.

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