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Crackdown on Car Insurance Fraud

Published: 07/06/2009 by Comments

Esure is going that extra mile when it come to vigilance, after introducing cognitive interviewing in an effort to stamp out insurance fraud. The company believes that this particular style of interview is the way forward when it comes to detecting false insurance claims.

Motor insurance fraud has become increasingly common in recent months as the recession begins to have an impact. Esure is hoping the new technique will reduce the number of false claims logged, especially those relating to low-value vehicles.

Voice Risk Analysis technology is the latest method of fraud detection being used by Esure during interviews with claimants. The technology can identify micro changes in the caller’s voice which can indicate whether or not the person is genuine in their claim.

A spokesman for Esure explained that the company is doing everything it can to crack down on insurance fraud.
“We have found cognitive interviewing to be an effect way of spotting and clamping down on attempted fraud. A skilled interviewer can easily spot flaws and inconsistencies in cover stories that enable us to investigate more effectively,” he said.

This latest development is sure to act as a stark warning to any drivers who may be thinking of trying to cash in on their policy.

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