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Credit cards used to pay for dental treatment

Published: 08/04/2010 by Comments

Going to the dentist is unlikely to top the favourites poll any time soon, especially since treatment is so expensive. Perhaps it’s unsurprising then, that over a third of Brits have used their credit card to fund costly treatment.

Healthcare provider Simplyhealth found that a shocking 43% of those surveyed have avoided a trip to the dentist in the last year, despite needing dental care, purely based on concerns over how much it will cost. However, people need to be aware that putting it off could actually mean that more work is actually required when they do finally attend, so it could up costing them even more in the long term.

In contrast to the 39% who opted for a credit card to pay for bills over £50, 2% went a step further and took out a personal loan to cover costs.

James Glover, of Simplyheath, was concerned at the findings.

“It’s extremely worrying that people are going to these lengths to pay for their dental treatment and others are delaying to the point of pain and long-term damage,” he said. He urged people to look into dental plans which require a minimum weekly payment, to make it easier to pay for work on their teeth.

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