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Customers can save up to £30 per year as the ‘Big Six’ energy companies cut prices.

Published: 28/03/2016 by Comments

Customers can save up to £30 per year as the ‘Big Six’ energy companies cut prices.

The ‘Big Six’ energy firms are cutting their prices, meaning the average household will save £30 a year, less than 60p per week.

It’s expected that SSE will complete a series of price reductions from the largest energy suppliers.

At both ends of the scale we have npower looking to offer the best reductions with £33 per year, and E.ON offering the worst deal overall with just £22 saving on the average dual tariff bill.

Ann Robinson, Director of Consumer Policy at, said: “Once again consumers are being short-changed by meagre big six price reductions.

Whilst any price cut is welcome, the average big six standard tariff bill has fallen by just £30 a year - less than half a tank of petrol. With wholesale energy costs tumbling, it’s hard not to see these cuts as token gestures. Worryingly, they will have little effect in reducing the burden of sky-high energy bills which still affect more than 4.7 million households across the country.

We urge suppliers to look again at what more they can do to pass on double digit dual fuel reductions to their customers. In the meantime, consumers should take control of their own bills by checking if they can find a better deal by switching energy tariff or supplier.”

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