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Customers urged to check credit card charges

Published: 11/08/2009 by Comments

Many credit card customers are unaware of the extra charges on their credit card. A new survey has revealed that many consumers are surprised by the fees that are attached to cashback services in particular.

Changing charge structures are catching people out when they use their card abroad as well, which is why it’s so important that card-holders are aware of exactly what they’re paying additional fees for.
A number of credit card providers have made changes to their charging and payment structure recently, including Barclaycard and Goldfish cards, both of which have made amendments to their terms and conditions. American Express has caused concern amongst its Platinum cash-back card customers by changing the date of monthly direct debit payments. Funds will now be taken four days earlier, 14 days after each statement has been sent out. The company has notified those affected, although with many card holders admitting they don’t actually open correspondence from their credit providers, it’s no guarantee that the bills will still be paid. Unfortunately, this could mean a number of customers will be faced with additional charges for not making their minimum monthly payment.

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