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Cut your car insurance costs by getting married

Published: 18/09/2009 by Comments

Recent statistics have shown that UK are putting off big milestones, such as getting married or having a baby, in order to save the pennies in these cash strapped times. However, a new report has revealed that tying the knot can actually reduce your car insurance costs.

According to an investigation by online insurance specialist, adding your spouse to your car insurance policy can save you up to 20%.

It isn’t the same for everyone though, as a husband adding his wife to his current policy will see his costs cut by nearly £50 while a woman adding her husband would save £38.

The reasoning behind this revelation is that figures show married couples as being safer drivers than singletons. But unmarried couples will be pleased to hear that you don’t have to be officially married for the savings to apply.

Marketing Director of was quick to dismiss the idea that the insurer is encouraging people to get married in order to save, instead he highlighted the fact that many married couples may be missing out on the savings that they are entitled to.

Couples need to be aware that, as with any policy application, the savings vary depending on individual circumstances, including model of vehicle, occupation, and whether you have any previous insurance claims.

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