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Debit and credit card spending registers slight increase in April

Published: 19/05/2010 by Comments

According to new figures released, spending on debit and credit cards were up in April compared to the previous month - but only just. The latest Barclaycard Retail Card Spending Index reported an increase of 0.8% in April, compared to the 18% increase recorded between February and March

April 30th, the Friday prior to the Bank Holiday weekend, set a new national record for daily cash withdrawals, with Link machines across the country performing 12.5 million transactions, and issuing a total of £590 million. The ATM machines dished out more than £1.5 billion over the weekend - up nine per cent year on year, according to figures published by the UK Payments Association.

Spending on credit and debit cards was up 8.9 per cent in April year on year, according to the Barclaycard’s figures. However, when compared to the bank holiday weekend of 2009, the company said that overall credit and debit card spending was actually down 1.4 percent for the weekend as a whole.

According to Barclaycard sources, credit and debit card spending is expected to be broadly flat in the next month.

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