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Diamond car insurance offers deal on car repairs

Published: 18/05/2009 by Comments

Women-only insurers, Diamond car insurance, has launched the Best Friends Garage Network, offering motor insurance customers easy access to car maintenance. The deal includes quality repair work, regular services and MOTs for their vehicles.

Managing Director of Diamond, Sian Lewis, explained how the service will work.
“This free service will provide Diamond customers with access to quality car maintenance services all year long. The Best Friends Garage Network will mean that Diamond customers may never have to deal directly with a garage again - a benefit I’m sure many women will appreciate.”

Instead, if a customer requires any kind of maintenance, they will contact the network, which will organise absolutely everything, even taking payment.

Diamond has carefully selected a specialist network of garages throughout the UK, based on quality of service and high standards, which will be regularly monitored.

The scheme is intended to make life easier for women who don’t feel confident when taking their car to a garage for repairs, whether it’s down to a lack of mechanical knowledge or the fear of paying over the odds for a simple repair job. It also offers policy holders the chance to enjoy special discounts such as 5% against repairs, 12.5% off services and 20% off MOTs.

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