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Dog Owners Stress the importance of pet insurance

Published: 04/06/2009 by Comments

If you’re trying to save pennies to weather the credit crunch, and still unsure over whether to take out pet insurance, it’s worth thinking about the consequences.

Amanda Cross, a dog owner from Worcestershire, has urged pet owners to make sure their animals are covered. She speaks from experience, after opting out of pet insurance which left her unable to foot the bill when her two year old terrier, Scruffy, suffered a serious spinal injury.

The £2000 treatment would have cost just £75 if she’d had insurance for her pet, who could now be destroyed unless the family can raise the cash.

“I feel so guilty that we didn’t get round to buying insurance - it was one of those things you keep meaning to do” Mrs Cross explained. “I really want other people to realise how important it is”

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