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Drivers of diesel cars are to be charged extra for parking in London

Published: 30/01/2017 by Comments

Drivers of diesel cars are to be charged extra for parking in London

Higher parking charges in London for drivers who use diesel petrol has been enforced with Westminister Council being the first to impose it.

As a result of increased air pollution, diesel drivers in central London are going to have to pay more to park on their streets. As part of the latest initiative to reduce pollution, Westminister Council have recently begun to implement their plans.

The pilot scheme will begin in April and will see a 50 percent increase in parking charges for diesel drivers.

For non-diesel drivers, parking will cost 8p per minute and for diesel drivers 12p per minute. The council will identify diesel drivers through number plate recognition.
The Marylebone area, marked as the pilot zone will not apply to residents but to visitors only. The area has the highest pollution in London and has already violated the legal limit for air pollution for the year.

The Council aims to reduce pollution by enforcing the ‘polluter pays’ principle. The aim is to reduce harmful vehicle emissions at the same time as raising money to promote sustainable transport.

Cabinet member for the environment, sports and community David Harvey said: “Air quality is one of the main concerns for local residents, charging drivers for using petrol that is bad for the environment is going to make them think twice about using it.”

On Friday the government announced that they would be investing £64m into transport funding. This money will be spent on encouraging commuters to take public transport, cycle, or walk to work.

Transport Minister Andrew Jones said: “We are committed to improve the way people travel, and this investment is going to ensure that journey’s are safer, cheaper, and better for the environment. It will assist people in becoming more active and effective transport planning will reduce congestion on the roads.”

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