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Drivers warned to keep up to date on car maintenance

Published: 10/07/2009 by Comments

Motorists are being urged to keep up with car maintenance in order to protect their car insurance premiums. Many drivers are opting out of regular services for their vehicles in order to save money in this cash-strapped times, but it’s been revealed that servicing and repairs are not viable as long term sacrifices.

The British Brokers’ Association are reminding motorists that all cars must have an up-to-date MOT certificate. They are also keen to draw attention to the fact that all tyres on a vehicle must also be kept in good condition to avoid voiding your policy when it comes to making a claim.

“if you were to have to claim, if your tyres were illegal, then technically that could nullify your insurance.,” explained Steve Foulsham, Technical Services Manager of the group.
As well as protecting your premium, it’s also important to maintain services and repairs on your vehicle to ensure optimum safety and comfort when traveling.

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