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Driving to or from work can be risky business

Published: 06/07/2010 by Comments

When is a motorist most likely to put a dent on his car?

According to research by Swinton, UK’s largest high street insurance retailer, 60% of the 1200 customers surveyed online said they had faced a minor accident while commuting to or from work.

A further three percent - perhaps nerves, perhaps sheer bad luck - admitted to bumping their vehicles on their way to a job interview.

Car parks were also found to be accident prone, with 20% of the drivers bumping their vehicle in supermarket car parks, while 8% having faced some minor discomfiture in a multi-storied car park.

The morning and afternoon school rush can also cause some damage, with nine percent of those surveyed reporting minors bumps while negotiating the roads strewn with anxious parents.

According to Swinton’s insurance development manager, Steve Chelton, mishaps on the road are “inevitable”, and as such adequate car insurance is always very important.

However, he points out that if unprotected, minor accidents can also have a big impact on no claims bonuses, meaning that many motorists choose to pay for the damages themselves, “so they can make longer term savings”.

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