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Facebook hiring neuroscientists to create mind-reading social network

Published: 13/01/2017 by Comments

Facebook hiring neuroscientists to create mind-reading social network

Facebook is in the process of developing a “brain-computer interface”, which may have the capability to allow users to talk to each other by way of mind reading.

The company is secretly pulling together a team of people that will utilise cutting edge neuroscience and electrical engineering to create the new interface.  The company is advertising for roles such as this one, entitled “brain-computer interface engineer” for its Building 8 team. The advert, which describes the role as secretive and focussed on the company’s most futuristic plans, describes the job function for the new engineer.  The engineer will work on “developing advanced [brain-computer interface] technologies”.  The advert also explains that the role will involve working with “neuroimaging and electrophysiological data”.

Mark Zuckerberg believes that a form of telepathy working inside its platform is the way of the future and adverts lead us to believe that Facebook is working on that very thing.  As part of a Q&A Zuckerberg explained how he hoped that individuals would be able to “capture a thought… in its ideal and perfect form in your head and share that with the world”.

Other positions available within the Building 8 team – which is newly established – are roles that are looking for people with the ability to develop and build a “communications and computing platform of the future”.  The newly proposed platform also appears to want to utilise new forms of communication between computers – with reference to searching for candidates with experience of “speech and audio signal processing algorithms and systems”, suggesting that these will be a part of building the new system.

A further job advertisement shows that Facebook is searching for a haptics specialist, with expertise in ‘touch interactions’ to lead the company to “realistic and immersive” experiences.

The entire list of jobs contains a series of contracts of two-year duration, asking specifically for someone who is “slightly impatient”.  It remains unclear however whether these roles will play out in reality and if they will be part of Facebook’s products or will emerge in a new project.

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