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Fibre Optic Broadband requires more investment

Published: 23/05/2010 by Comments

Fibre-optic broadband networks are a ‘far bigger market than first anticipated’ according to Roger Webster, Managing Director of Webro, a communications connector and cable specialist. He believes that the new coalition government need to concentrate on making super fast broadband accessible across the country, because of the potential market size.

Industry expert Webster wants to see David Cameron focus on super-fast broadband to make sure the UK doesn’t lose pace in the technological race, especially with the surge in popularity of social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook - a popularity that highlights the need for further investment in fibre-optic broadband. UK broadband needs to be able to cope with demand, and a recent survey revealed that most home-owners would be happy to pay an extra fee to access faster broadband.

“The development of more new housing and the simultaneous laying of fibre cables are helping to push the country forward in its development of broadband access,” he said. “However, the country’s slow take-up of fibre to date will continue to cause major bottlenecks unless additional investment plans are driven quickly forward.”

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