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Free iPad 2 tethering with Pay Monthly O2 Deals

Published: 02/04/2011 by Comments

There is good news awaiting iPad 2 fans. O2 has now added internet tethering as a standard with pay monthly contracts. It is recommended to upgrade your contract if you want to be able to use this offer right away. The company is pleased to announce that a total of 70% of their customers prefer a smartphone that has access to the internet.

You can choose the cheapest package which includes 100MB for a price of £3 per month or the 1GB with an unlimited Wi-Fi hotspot as the most expensive package. If the 1GB included package still doesn’t satisfy your needs, you can opt for another GB in course of a month.

Unlike the current 18 or 24 month available contracts, you can now choose a new 12 month contract that O2 offers, but the new 12 month contract only applies for existing customers that are in want of an upgrade. This new tethering service coming from O2 will permit laptop or tablet users access the internet while on the road. O2 will let their subscribers create their personal hotspots without charging more, unlike the previous and all so costly service.

The tethering will give the consumers the ability to make use of their mobile phones as connection devices compared to modems in order to establish an internet connection via their laptops or tablets.

A blog post made by O2 revealed that: “For the first time, internet tethering is completely included in our data allowances, so you don’t have to pay a penny extra for it.”

In a poll about customer service created by JD Power and Associates, O2 appears to be the best UK mobile broadband service provider.

O2 moved fast in order to make a stand in front of Apple’s iOS 4.3 update, an update which will improve internet tethering on iPad 2. Apple is designing hot spots for their own devices, so O2 had to show that it is still well on its game.

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