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Fujitsu reveals super-fast Broadband

Published: 13/04/2011 by Comments

Britain’s broadband networks has been the hot topic for this spring, but now Fujitsu promises to bring an extremely fast broadband network to more than 5 million homes situated in the UK’s rural areas.

Fujitsu will use Cisco as the main source when it comes to the technological need of establishing the network. Cisco will ensure that the speed parameters will remain set, and that the fibre connections are well established. Virgin Media as well as TalkTalk will also benefit from this network.

“There is a unique opportunity for the UK to re-establish itself as a world leader by having the world’s most advanced fibre network,” revealed the CEO of Fujitsu, Mr. Duncan Tait.

Fujitsu’s main goal is to provide FTTH (Fibre to the Home) connections instead of the classic FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet). Speeds of up to 1Gbps are destined for download alone. It may sound bonkers, but Fujitsu explained the benefit of this technology for the long-term, saying that it will last as long as 30 years if necessary. In time, speeds might rise to a staggering 10Gbps.

BT can stand in the way as only Ofcom rules can allow underground ducts to be open for usage. Fujitsu might even want to equip BT telegraph poles to hold the necessary wiring.

Ed Vaizey, the Minister of Communications, agreed upon letting Fujitsu install their cables on current telegraph poles. He said: “Superfast broadband is already helping businesses grow and improving the lives of those able to access it… but many rural and hard to reach areas are missing out.”

Britain would definitely see the benefits of having such a super-fast broadband, as well as providing great internet speed to so many homes. The potential for extra speed has already found the UK. It is now only a matter of time until all British homes will benefit from a fast internet connection.

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