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G.Fast broadband to be launched by Openreach in March 2017

Published: 17/01/2017 by Comments

G.Fast broadband to be launched by Openreach in March 2017

Openreach to launch broadband technology over the next couple of months.

Clive Selley Chief Executive for Openreach states that: “the benefit of their new technology means that they can provide a superfast service to larger numbers in a shorter space of time.”

The new will be available to businesses and homes by the end of March 2017.

It is essential that people have access to reliable and fast broadband services to improve business processes and the standard of living. States David Renard, the leader of Swindon Borough Council.

He also stated: “Swindon aims to provide the entire area with access to high speed broadband connection. Through the latest technology we can expect this to happen sooner than anticipated.”

According to Mr Selley of Openreach, the United Kingdom is at the forefront of the superfast broadband industry. More than nine out of ten businesses and homes in the UK have access to high speeds and approximately 20,000 premises are being connected on a weekly basis.

Mr Selley also stated: “We are working exceptionally hard to ensure that everyone in the area will have access to superfast speeds. I am ecstatic that Swindon is first on the list to get connected to the new service.

The idea of is that its broadband speeds will supersede that of the current copper network.
Not everyone is in favour of the new idea, and there are some who have criticised BT for continuing with copper based broadband systems.

For example, Vodafone recently initiated a study that discovered there will be a less than five per cent increase in superfast coverage with the new technology they are planning on launching.

Research team Point Topic revealed that unless drastic action is taken quickly, only 6.5 percent of homes in the United Kingdom can expect to receive the cables they need for the technology to work efficiently.

Photo credit: Michel Curi

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