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Get your Christmas Gifts covered on Home Insurance

Published: 21/12/2009 by Comments

With the festive season well and truly upon us, many of us have splashed the cash when it comes to presents for our loved ones, despite the doom and gloom of the recession. Make sure you’ve got your gifts covered to avoid any last minute disappointments.

Home contents insurance should be viewed as a necessity all year round, but particularly over Christmas. Each year, some unlucky families face the heart-breaking discovery of a tree bereft of its presents, usually mere days before the big event. This Christmas, a total of £18 billion worth of gifts are expected to be left on show throughout the UK, which is why it’s so important to get the right cover. It may not save Christmas should the worst happen, but at least you’ll be able to recoup your losses rather than be out of pocket.

In a new survey conducted by insurer Direct Line, it was discovered that the average shopper will have spent approximately £363 on Christmas gifts by the time the big day arrives. With our penchant for ornate displays and brightly lit tree, it’s perhaps no surprise that one in four of us will be arranging gifts beneath the boughs of a Christmas fir, but this puts your lovingly purchased presents at an increased rate of theft.

As well as investing in home contents insurance, Direct Line is recommending that cosumers take simple steps to safeguard their valuables. Placing them in a bag inside a secure cupboard in the build up to the holidays could save a lot of heartache, as can positioning your tree away from any windows.

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