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Google introduce new Samsung Chromebook Plus and Google Chromebook Pro

Published: 06/01/2017 by Comments

Google introduce new Samsung Chromebook Plus and Google Chromebook Pro

Samsung Electronics America, Inc. has just introduced their latest generation Chromebooks – the Samsung Chromebook Plus and Chromebook Pro.  The new Chromebook design emerges in a time where design innovations are at a peak in terms of hardware and software developments.  Both devices are designed for Google Play enabling users to enjoy all their favourite apps movies, music and books.  The new Samsung Chromebooks boast a touchscreen with 360 degree rotating capability, built-in digital pen, quad HD screen and lightweight design.

“Since launching our first Chromebook over five years ago, we have continued to improve the product, developing a computer that not only fits into consumers’ lifestyles, but makes their lives easier, more mobile and more productive,” explains Alanna Cotton, VP of Product Marketing at Samsung Electronics America. “With the Chromebook Plus and Pro, we’re partnering with Google to pair a sleek design with supreme flexibility, encouraging users to experience more with Google Play and Android apps, while continuing to provide simplicity, top-rated security and shareability inherent in Chromebooks.”

Flexibility is a core element in the Chromebook Plus and Pro – both designed to function effectively as a notebook and premium level tablet.  The models incorporate a very convenient pen device which enables users to capture content onscreen and take notes.  The pen is efficient and ready to be used with Google Keep preinstalled for taking notes and Samsung ArtCanvas for drawing.

Samsung are proud of the slim and lightweight design of the two new models, making them easy to carry around regardless of where users find themselves in a day.  The inclusion of a full size keyboard and trackpad is a plus for users allowing for maximum efficiency for work and play.

The new Chromebooks claim to exceed customer expectations with their easy connectivity to apps, media and games via the Google Play store.  Dubbed to offer more than a tablet or laptop with its impressive HD 2400x1600 display resolution comprised of durable Gorilla Glass 3 – users can play to their hearts content on Samsung’s premium Chromebook screen.

The models include upgraded USC-C ports to improve connectivity and 4K for enhanced video streaming.  The Chromebook Plus and Pro are a great asset to the user who wants to achieve more and tap their creativity, all whilst retaining connectivity.  This is achieved via the multi-window capabilities which allow for browsing on Chrome whilst working in Google drive and keeping in touch with friends via chat functions on Google Hangouts.  The same can also be done offline, another great feature of the new models.

The new Chromebooks come with 4GB of RAM along with 32GB of storage, with batteries lives extending to 8 hours.  The Samsung Chromebook Plus (with ARM processor prices from $499) is available from Best Buy from February onwards. The fast Intel® Core™ m3 processor will power the Chromebooks which will be available for purchase in the spring.

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