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Halifax Home Insurance neighbourly advice

Published: 04/10/2009 by Comments

It seems that the days where we popped next door to borrow a cup of sugar are on the way out, after a new survey from insurance provider Halifax Home Insurance revealed that 17% of UK homeowners have had to deal with a nuisance neighbour in the last year alone. The survey, which is part of the Peace of Mind Report, put together by Halifax, also showed that noise disturbance is the most common form of complaint against neighbors.

Halifax is calling on homeowners who have to take action against those living next door to act responsibly and appropriately. Senior Claims Manager of Halifax, Martyn Foulds, advised people to act calmly if a neighbour causes a disturbance, even waiting until the next day to take action.

“It’s a good idea to build a dialogue with your neighbours so that if a problem does arise, it’s not the first time you’ve spoken to them” He explained.

He is keen to remind homeowners that they can take legal action against their neighbours should their problems become serious, rather than taking matters into their own hands.

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