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Holidaymakers covered for swine flu costs

Published: 27/07/2009 by Comments

As the UK struggles with the swine flu pandemic, many Brits are concerned about the effect it will have on their summer holidays, in particular whether they will be covered on their travel insurance should they be taken ill abroad or have to cancel.

The travel insurance industry has confirmed that policy holders will be covered - although they will need proof of the illness to back up the claim. The government has just launched the National Pandemic Flu Service, which gives suffers diagnosed with the virus a unique ID number so that their ‘flu buddy’ can collect antiviral drugs on their behalf. Originally, travel insurers stated that medical certification of swine flu would need to be retained in order for a successful claim on a cancelled holiday. However, in light of the rapid spread of the virus, insurers will now accept the unique ID number given by the helpline, as well as the date of issue.

Holidaymakers will be covered for any costs arising from a swine flu diagnosis, including cancelled holidays and flights and medical treatment abroad. Those who need to make a claim must keep hold of all documentation provided.

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