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Holidaymakers opt for EHIC card over travel insurance

Published: 06/08/2009 by Comments

As the summer holiday season gets really under way, many Brits are heading abroad to get a few rays of sunshine. New research from Saga Insurance shows that 8% of UK holidaymakers won’t be getting travel insurance to cover themselves while away - placing their faith in the European Health Insurance Card [EHIC} instead.

Insurers are urging holidaymakers to rethink this strategy however, as the card only covers the holder for necessary medical treatment due to an accident or illness within Europe, leaving Brits open to problems such as lost or damage baggage that they can’t claim for.

Saga Insurance revealed that, while the credit crunch is really having an impact on the public, people seem more determined to have a holiday - especially over 50s, with more people from this age group heading abroad than the same time last year. Even if you’re staying put to enjoy a ‘staycation’ in the UK, it’s still worth thinking about travel insurance as you are still open to medical problems, lost or damaged baggage and cancellation. With the advent of the Swine Flu pandemic, it’s even more crucial that Brits are properly covered.

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