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Home Insurance: Burglaries rise by 4%

Published: 16/08/2009 by Comments

The Home Office has unveiled new figures which show that burglaries have gone up by 4%. Insurers are urging property owners to invest in good buildings and contents cover to make sure they’re covered should they be the victim of a burglary.

Many home insurance companies offer unlimited buildings and contents cover, so it’s worth shopping around before signing up.

Once you’re covered, there are still simple precautions that can be taken to cut your chances of being targeted by burglaries, but new research from Halifax Home Insurance has found that many people don’t bother.

The investigation by Halifax discovered that nearly 30% of burglaries happen because doors or windows are left open or unlocked. Despite this, 22% of home owners leave doors and windows unlocked when they are in the property, especially during the summer months when the weather is warmer.

The Home Office has teamed up with the Association of British Insurers to provide advice for home owners who are worried about burglary, including:

· Fit appropriate locks on all doors and windows

· Invest in security lighting around your property

· Mark your belongings with a UV pen

· Intruder alarms protect the outside of your home

· Invest in light-timers to give the appearance of an occupied home even when you are out

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