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Home Insurance: UK’s burglary hotspots revealed

Published: 21/08/2009 by Comments

A new survey conducted by Endsleigh Insurance has found that home owners who live in Nottingham or Leeds suffer the highest rate of burglary in the country.

The latest statistics were uncovered when the firm analysed burglary claims made by its customers over the last four years. The resulting figures were then compared to the national average. Endsleigh Insurance revealed that those in Nottingham were 88% more likely to make a burglary claim than residents from other areas of the country.

However, Nottingham North MP, Graham Allen, dismissed the findings as ‘sloppy’ and ‘not very thorough’. He pointed out that Nottingham has a high number of neighbourhood watch schemes, with people looking out for each other and keeping an eye on properties close to their own.

Leeds came in second place, with residents 63% more likely to make a claim, followed by Hull, London and Oxford. Guildford, in contrast, was highlighted as one of the safest areas when it comes to burglary, with Swindon and Dundee coming in second and third place respectively.

The findings come hot on the heels of official advice on preventing burglary from the Home Office and Association of British Insurers. Home owners are being urged to check they have good buildings and contents cover, and to make a number of investments to protect their property. These included purchasing a good alarm system, security lights, and putting their interior lights on a time switch to give empty homes the appearance of being occupied.

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