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Hulu digital web TV coming 2009

Published: 27/05/2009 by Comments

UK consumers could soon be enjoying Hulu, the online television catch up service which is currently only available in the USA. The renowned service, which is the result of a partnership between NBC and Universal, could be accessible to Brits within months.

The service is available via broadband, and is set to launch as early as September, with a catalogue of over 3,000 American TV shows ready to view. Despite these promising predictions, The Telegraph has reported that there are problems with advertising rights.

In order to broaden the content and make it more relevant for UK viewers, it was hoped that ITV and Channel 4 would make their programs available on the service. However, Hulu has demanded exclusive rights to sell advertising, while the other channels are keen to sell in their own.

It’s also left experts questioning whether Rupert Murdoch’s involvement with Hulu will give Sky subscribers additional advantages when it comes to using the service.

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