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Ideas for government investing £1 billion in broadband 5G initiative

Published: 27/01/2017 by Comments

Ideas for government investing £1 billion in broadband 5G initiative

The government has invested heavily into fibre broadband; they hope to improve the high speed experience in businesses and in the home.

For people who are in the farming industry this is good news, as it means that their connection will no longer be slowed down by copper wires. This is not going to be a cheap endeavor because in order for full fibre to operate, there will need to be a lot of infrastructure in place. According to reports, farmers appear to have a raw deal with high speed internet, and unless they can afford to pay for the technology themselves, they are forced to go without.

The NFU is currently lobbying for the government to make changes. An NFU spokesman has stated that it is only fair that the government’s industrial strategy prioritise the farming industry to ensure that they get the infrastructure that it needs. Fifth generation broadband will revolutionise the farming industry. Research is currently being conducted in America and Germany about the benefits of fibre broadband in the farming industry.

The NFU are looking at how the Chancellor could spend a portion of the £1bn broadband investment in the farming industry. They will be highlighting how the Chancellor should be encouraging companies to connect farmers and rural communities throughout England and Wales. Extra emphasis is being made concerning this issue considering the fact that the majority of farms have never been included in any government investments to date and they are unable to get a connection to superfast services which is hindering business growth.

Any money that is allocated to an industry will be delivered by local partnerships, there is a high probability that this will be done through the companies who are currently delivering broadband to local areas.

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