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Instagram Live Video now available in the UK: Guide and tips for using the live stream function

Published: 19/01/2017 by Comments

Instagram Live Video now available in the UK: Guide and tips for using the live stream function

Instagram Live Video now available in the UK: Guide and tips for using the live stream function

Instragram amped up its offering in social networking with the recent introduction of Snapchat-like live video streaming to its ‘Stories’ to the UK, in December 2016. The function, which allows you to broadcast to friends, was only available in the US prior to then.

Similar to Snapchat, the video only remains for the length of the recording and then disappears, avoiding any feelings that your material exists somewhere online ad infinitum.

Starting a Live Video on Instagram
Going Live can be done by swiping right to start the camera function and then hitting the ‘Start Live Video’. Once you’re live and recording friends will be alerted so that they can tune in. You’ll have a three second pause before you get started.  There are numerous options for those doing the streaming to include adding/editing comments on your video, as you chose.

Editing comments on Instagram Live Video
User discretion means that you can edit/amend who can comment on your video.  To enable this you can go to your Profile, then select Comments and decide to either ban ‘comments that contain words or phrases often reported as offensive’ or arrange your own keywords.
Users also have the capability to switch comments off and also mute certain friends, who may want to stream their late night drunken events – in this case the friend can be silenced by tapping their photo and selecting the mute button.

Hiding your Instagram Live video
You also have the option of hiding your live stream from particular individuals – perhaps colleagues or family members. You can maintain privacy by selecting ‘Story Settings’. From here go to and tap ‘Hide Story From’ and select the individuals you want to hide your content from.

If you’re more of an observer then you could identify which friends are streaming by looking out for the ‘Live’ badge under their photo in the Stories bar. Alternatively you can glance at the most popular streams under the heading ‘Top Live’ – as they are happening.

The new feature is being sent out in phases to the 150 million people who use Instagram Stories daily – with availability now reaching people in Germany, France, Brazil, Canada and Japan. “Live video sits within Instagram Stories and gives the Instagram community another way to connect with friends and followers, in the moment, and in a fun, low-pressure way,” Instagram mentioned in a statement.

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