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iPad 2 is not causing slow PC sales

Published: 13/05/2011 by Comments

Although the PC market reveals a reduced number of sales for the last couple of years, the iPad doesn’t appear to be the main culprit. According to a report made by The NPD Group, Apple is not the one to blame for the weak state in which PC sales currently find themselves in. Almost 75% of iPad purchasers were not looking for a PC while decided to actually buy a tablet. This does not make Apple’s product a “PC murderer” but a choice.

NPD revealed in their second Apple iPad Owner Study the fact that iPad is not related to the downfall of PC sales. It stated: “The consumer PC market isn’t floundering because of the iPad, in fact, the rate of cannibalization is actually declining among more recent purchasers.”

The issue if whether of not the iPad has been interfering with PC sales has been the subject of debate for at least a year. Another report has shown that tablet sales have severely crippled the PC market.

Stephen Baker, who is the vice president of NPC, made a statement regarding iPad owners and their view of the tablet in comparison to the PC. He said that “only 14 per cent of early iPad adopters (iPad owners of six months or more) abandoned a PC purchase for an iPad, and that dropped to just 12 per cent of iPad owners who purchased over the past holiday season.”

This new report does come to the iPad’s rescue but it doesn’t absolve it of the impact that it created in both the Notebook and PC markets. The real ‘damage’ will take place in the future when tablets will be accessible to the vast majority of people and PCs will become museum pieces.

As technology gets better and better, people will not look at the iPad at they currently look at a PC. There will some who will enjoy working and purchasing both, but there will also be persons who will make the choice between a tablet and a PC. According to NPD, Notebooks under the £399 price tag have already shown a growth in sales. This means that mobility acts as a powerful influence in the consumer world, so the blame doesn’t sit only on iPad’s shoulders.

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