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iPhone 5 will have an 8MP camera with panoramic photo capabilities

Published: 14/06/2011 by Comments

iPhone 5 will have an 8MP camera with panoramic photo capabilities

Almost all the image sensors Apple’s will use for the new iPhone 5 will be provided by OmniVision. The report specifying this partnership also revealed that the iphone 5 camera will be able to shoot panoramic photos in 8MP quality.

Somewhere close to 90% of all the CMOS sensors will be provided by OmniVision, reveals DigiTimes. The rest (10%) will be managed by Sony.

This new report just shows how Apple is preparing for a massive production of new iPhone 5s. It also means that the American company will not miss this year’s release, clinging to the fiscal aspect of the new production line - which will surely begin until September.

Another worthy piece of news reveals that Apple is working closely with Avago Technology in order to get its hands on the latest power amplifiers for iPhone 5’s WCDMA version. There weren’t any more details regarding the rumored dual-mode, but only the actual GSM version. Avago is only one of the suppliers of the two who signed with Apple. TriQuint Semiconductor will get to supply a third of the amplifiers needed by the company.

DigiTimes’ article states clearly the fact that the new sensors and power amplifiers will be supplied by the above mentioned companies. It says: “|OmniVision has grabbed a majority of total CMOS image sensor (CIS) orders placed by Apple for the fifth-generation iPhone, market sources have claimed. Meanwhile, power amplifier (PA) supplier Avago Technologies has landed orders for the WCDMA version of the device for its first time, according to the sources. About 90 percent of the CIS orders for Apple’s new iPhone will be supplied by OmniVision, while Sony takes up the remainder, the sources said. The upcoming device will feature a built-in 8-megapixel camera, the sources added. TSMC will use BSI process technology at its Fab 14 to produce CISs used in the new version of iPhone, the sources revealed.”

Judging by the number of technologies and the full extent of the production process, the new iPhone 5 will dismantle any rumors regarding its design as being “too similar to its predecessor”.

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