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iPhone 6 battery replacement confusion

Published: 24/01/2017 by Comments

iPhone 6 battery replacement confusion

According to recent reports, Apple customers are becoming increasingly more frustrated as they are being rejected for a free battery replacement.

In spring of last year, a Chinese consumer protection agency found that iPhone 6s models only had a 30% battery life. It was then reported that Apple would provide free replacements to customers who had been affected by this default.

However, despite reports that Apple were offering free replacement batteries, customers who went into Apple Stores were informed that they were not eligible because they’re phone did not have the correct serial number. 

Since the issue has gone public, people are coming forward in droves complaining of the same issues, iPhone 5 customers are also reporting the same problems with their batteries.

There appeared to be a lot of confusion surrounding this issue, and so our team decided to conduct some research.

Research has found that:
Apple had not promised to replace iPhone 6 batteries! In September and October 2015, several devices were manufactured with a battery component that had been exposed for too long in the wrong environment prior to being compiled into battery packs. It was these customers who had received these phones who were eligible to receive a free battery replacement. This information has come directly from an Apple insider; there were never any plans for Apple to replace ALL iPhone 6 batteries.

The source also stated that many customers have been coming into stores to replace their iPhone 6 batteries which has led to there being an overstock as well as a shortage of batteries.

Apple is not aware of an iPhone 6 shutdown issue, they say what is probably happening is that due to the age of the batteries that they now have a shorter lifespan.

Yes, customers do seem to be complaining about this issue but a simple complaint does not make them eligible for a free battery replacement.

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