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iPhone 8 expected to feature long-range wireless charging capabilities

Published: 20/01/2017 by Comments

iPhone 8 expected to feature long-range wireless charging capabilities

According to recently leaked information, the new Apple iPhone 8 will have several extravagant new features.

One feature being highlighted is wireless capability that will allow the phone to charge without having to physically connect it to the charger. If this is true, it will be the first Smartphone to have such a feature. To substantiate the claims, further rumours have revealed that Apple has signed a lucrative deal with a Chinese company who will be responsible for supplying parts for this new wireless feature.

The company is named as Lite-On Semiconductor, and they will be supplying Apple with GPP bridge rectifiers which will enable fast wireless charging on the iPhone 8. According to reports they have already acquired half of the order.

Reports also claim that a company called Energous will also be working with Apple in regards to wireless charging.

Although wireless charging is currently on the market, it will be considerably different to the others. At present, wireless plates require the phone to remain stationary in order for it to charge. It is not necessary to attach the devise to the cord but it must remain on the plate. This means that it is not possible to use the phone while it is being charged. If the rumours are true concerning the iPhone 8, this new wireless capability will further catapult Apple ahead of its competitors.

Other features to come with the new iPhone 8 include an OLED glass wraparound display with the front camera, fingerprint display, 3D Touch, microphone and home button all enclosed within it.

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