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iPhone 8 OLED screen may push phone launch to 2018

Published: 04/02/2017 by Comments

The much anticipated iPhone 8 may not reach shops until next year. According to sources, it’s the sophisticated OLED screen that’s causing the hold up.

CEO for Apple Tim Stock has stated: “You haven’t seen our best yet!” Since the iPhone is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, the rumours are that their next release is going to have some features that are unheard of in the Smartphone world.

Some of the features include sophisticated camera technology, wireless charging, and a lightning speed processor.

As well as these changes, the iPhone 8 may also come with OLED technology; this is something that has not been done previously.

OLED will provide a super clear screen, and vivacious colours. However, reports are that these changes are going to be somewhat cumbersome to Apple.

Such displays are difficult to get hold of, they are only made by a select few manufacturers and with the popularity of the coming iPhone 8, they may struggle to keep up with the demand.

Bloomberg has stated that the demand is going to be so high; Apple won’t be able to produce them fast enough.

Keeping fans waiting appears to be the norm for Apple. Last year, the Jet Black iPhone 7 sold out immediately, and customers were forced to wait for months for them to go on sale again. It appears that Apple customers don’t seem to mind waiting, because they still had a great end to 2016 with record sales figures.

Last year Apple sold the most iPhones in iPhone history. They also set an all time record for Apple Watch and Mac devices.

According to Cook, despite the fact that the iPhone was the most popular device, sales in the larger Plus model are increasing as customers are starting to prefer a larger screen.

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