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iPhone App for Samsung Gear S SmartWatches to finally appear in App Store

Published: 06/01/2017 by Comments

iPhone App for Samsung Gear S SmartWatches to finally appear in App Store

Although the announcement comes a year later than expected Digital Trends have reported that iPhone compatibility has finally arrived for the Samsung range of Gear devices. A Samsung Gear S app is going to be made available on the Apple App Store and it will enable users to sync an iPhone to one of three Gear devices (Gear S2, S3 or Gear Fit 2) using a simple function button.  Compatibility is dependent on pairing Gear devices with an iPhone 5 or above – operating at least iOS 9.0.

The Gear S3 Classic model and the alternative Gear S3 Frontier were available in the market from last year and response was on the whole positive – positioning them as a good option for iPhone users looking for an alternative to the Apple Watch.

Although the Samsung Gear S app is not yet available in the UK, Australia or a number of other territories their arrival is not far away.  We recommend looking out for the new release on your App Store.

If you are looking for a smartwatch in the New Year we consider the Gear S3 Frontier to be the best offering we’ve seen as yet in the wearable category.  This device is also the largest in the segment, but despite that, which may be an issue for some, its style and capability cannot be denied.

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