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iPhone users getting in debt

Published: 05/04/2011 by Comments

Research made by YouGov has found out that iPhone owners spend way more money than BlackBerry users. It appears that devices which function with an Android operating system are managing funds better than the rest. The survey has shown that 10 percent of BlackBerry owners have earnings reaching a yearly amount of £50,000, while iPhone owners represent only half of that percentage when it comes to earning that exact amount.

Yougov made this survey on about 2,000 Britons, 66% of them stated that they are mobile phone users and only a third stated the fact that they have or have had a smartphone. 2% of the survey takers revealed that they did not know whether they were or are smartphone or mobile phone owners. The survey undertaken by YouGov was funded by a banking software company, IE, which discovered that iPhone users have developed an “affinity” for spending more than considered normal, while BlackBerry users were not that interested in buying applications. The latter did however abstain from spending too much, which is considered valuable information for market research.

The same survey revealed that the percentage of iPhone users who spend too much money was 6 percent higher than the average number reported for the UK, which is 12 per cent. This find suggested that iPhone owners do spend too little too much than their bank account can support. About 4 million Britons above the age of 18 are constantly using Google-based handsets. A 54% percentage of Android users have been found to not have ever been in an overdrawn situation, making them more likely to have a clean bank record.

Britain doesn’t lack iPhones as they claim to be the second most desired smartphones, although their overall percentage only rises to no more than 25 percent.

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