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John Lewis apologises for credit card log-in glitch on its website

Published: 28/01/2017 by Comments

John Lewis apologises for credit card log-in glitch on its website

John Lewis has issued thousands of personal apologies to its credit card customers for several weeks of technical defaults in October 2016.

The store appears to keep running into trouble; they were recently forced to make a multi-million pound payout in relation to exorbitant charges for borrowers struggling to make payments on time.

In their apology letter they admitted that many customers were unable to manage their accounts and neither were they able to contact the firm for assistance.

“We are truly sorry and we are grateful for your patience. We are determined to ensure that you have a good customer experience with us.” Said the letter.

In October of 2016, while upgrading their computer systems, customers were restricted from accessing their online accounts. Their customer service team were then besieged with phone calls leading to the majority of callers being unable to get through.

Frustrated customers turned to social media and online chat rooms to express their disappointment of not being able to make payments and clear balances.
Customers were kept on hold for as long as 45 minutes as they attempted to speak to advisors concerning the issue.

A John Lewis spokesman released a statement that they take full responsibility for what took place, and they were disappointed for falling short of the standards they have set for themselves.

Between 2003 and 2009 John Lewis charged customers a 16.4pc debt collection fee for falling into credit card arrears.
After intervention by the Office of Fair Trading, John Lewis stopped taking the debt collection fee in 2009.

A total of £4m has been paid back to almost 7,000 borrowers. Next month a compensation helpline will be opened and John Lewis will be contacting people directly to ensure that they are reimbursed.

Photo credit: Dan Lockton

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