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KFC predicting orders by facial recognition of customers

Published: 14/01/2017 by Comments

KFC predicting orders by facial recognition of customers

Facial recognition software is being used to predict what customers will order in a Beijing KFC.

Age, mood and gender will be used in the Chinese fast food restaurant to determine what a customer will want to eat.

For regular customers, the system will make their estimates based on previous orders and suggest something similar.

This strange technology has been developed by a partnership with a search engine organisation called Baidu and KFC.

In a recent statement made by Baidu they suggested that “a 20 something year old male may order a meal consisting of roasted chicken wings, a crispy chicken hamburger and a coke. While a 50 something year old female customer would possibly order soybean milk and porridge for breakfast.”

Whether or not this system based on age and gender stereotypes is successful or not is yet to be discovered.

The system allows customers to select alternative options if it gets the first choice wrong.

A researcher for the Guardian newspaper, Amy Hawkins travelled to Beijing and had a 20 something year old male customer service assistant demonstrate the new technology. It ordered a chicken hamburger meal as described above.

Miss Hawkins stated: “I stood in front of the machine and it read me as being a beautiful female in my 30s. By the way, I am not in my 30s! I was also recommended a chicken hamburger meal.”

She also mentioned that when she returned for another visit, her description was the same but it didn’t remember her last order.
This new technology is set to operate in 5,000 more stores in China.

This is not the first time that KFC have collaborated with Baidu over using advanced technology in their stores. In Shanghai, they experimented with a robot taking orders!

Photo credit: Marufish

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